Dispelling Myths About Nasal Allergies
Nasal allergies can sometimes be hard to understand, and even harder to explain. For this reason, you may have heard several myths about nasal allergies. Understanding the facts about nasal allergies will help you to better understand and take care of your symptoms.

Myth #1, Hay Fever is really caused by hay.
Nasal allergies are often referred to as hay fever, even though they may have nothing to do with hay. Also, they do not cause a fever. This myth most likely started because allergy season begins during hay harvesting season in many areas.

Myth #2, Moving is a good way to cure allergies.
You may think that seasonal nasal allergies will disappear if you move to a different climate. While the place you move to may not have the tree, weed, or grass that you’re allergic to, it may have other types of pollen or mold. You may develop a sensitivity to these other pollens and molds over time.

Myth #3, Allergies are all in your head.
Allergies are a real medical condition that affects the immune system. Emotional stress may worsen symptoms, but allergies are not caused by emotions.

Myth #4, Short-haired pets are better than long-haired pets.
If you are allergic to cats or dogs, you are allergic to the saliva, urine, or dander (skin scales), not the hair. The best way to relieve symptoms is to keep the pet out of your bedroom, and out of the house when possible.

Myth #5, Allergies are harmless.
Allergies are a serious problem and should be treated that way. If left untreated, nasal allergies can lead to other serious complications.