I Think I Have a Nasal Airway Obstruction What Causes It?

The nasal valve is made up of three different parts:

  1. The Septum – the ridge of bone and tissue located between the two nostrils
  2. The Turbinates – fingerlike areas of tissue that warm, humidify and direct air as it enters your nasal cavity
  3. The Lateral Wall – the side tissue that forms the outer wall of your nose
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What is nasal obstruction?

Many people with nasal obstruction experience difficulty breathing through their nose, habitual snoring, interrupted sleep and fatigue. Nasal obstruction is often caused by anatomical blockage in the nose, hindering airflow. As a result, you may feel congested or “stuffy”. Home remedies and medications may offer temporary relief. It’s only when your nasal airway is opened that you can expect to find real, lasting relief.

Common symptoms of nasal obstruction:

  • Trouble breathing through your nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty breathing during physical exertion
nasal obstruction

VIVAER® is a short, non-invasive procedure that is performed in-office. There is no cutting or long recovery. The procedure gently and permanently reshapes your nasal valve area using radio frequency technology. After the procedure most people feel noticeable improvement immediately and can breathe easy.

VivAer® Procedure

Lasting relief is possible without surgery. If you regularly experience difficulty breathing through your nose and nothing seems to help, you may have nasal obstruction. Until now, finding a long-term solution often meant surgery. Now, your physician may be able to offer you lasting relief without surgery by performing the VivAer® procedure to open your nasal airway.

Lasting Relief: 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing.¹
Non-invasive solution: Minimal discomfort, no incisions, and can be performed in our office.
Live better: Clinically shown to significantly improve quality of life and provide long-lasting relief.¹

Breathe better. Live better.

The VivAer® procedure is clinically proven to provide high satisfaction and lasting relief.¹ Patients typically return to normal daily activity the same day.

  • 97% of patients experienced significant improvement in nasal breathing¹
  • 94% of patients improved their ability to get enough air through their nose during exercise or exertion¹
  • 89% of patients reported getting a better night’s sleep¹

Am I a candidate for the VivAer® procedure?

To find out, perform this simple test, called the Cottle’s maneuver.

Did the Cottle’s maneuver help you breathe better? If so, you may be a candidate.

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The Effectiveness of VIVAER®

Clinical studies have shown that 94% percent of patients respond to the treatment with an overall patient satisfaction of 88%. And 0% serious device related adverse effects.

VIVAER® Nasal Airway Remodeling – goes beyond traditional treatment options, delivers results beyond expectations.1

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