Hearing & Ears

Hearing loss affects our ability to communicate and our quality of life. It varies across our population and each individual’s hearing loss is unique. Age related hearing loss is a normal part of the aging process, but hearing loss has other causes including: medical conditions, occupational and recreational noise exposure, or rarely benign growths that affect the hearing and balance portion of our nervous system (a rare occurrence). Hearing loss may be greater in one ear than the other. Regardless of the cause, an accurate evaluation is critical to effective hearing rehabilitation.

Hearing Aid Solutions

Phonak Audéo™

Introducing Phonak Audéo™ Paradise hearing aids. The world’s first hearing aid with a motion sensor, speech enhancement, tap control and universal Bluetooth® connectivity.

Phonak has taken nature as inspiration when creating Paradise. The intention is simple — to create hearing aids that deliver crisp, natural sound for you to enjoy an unrivaled hearing experience.

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All hearing aids today are “state of the art” and refined to accommodate individual needs. Digital technology has greatly improved the processing capabilities of current hearing aids and allows a much greater ability to “fine tune” an assistive hearing device. There are several types of hearing aids from which to choose and this can create confusion. Hearing loss varies between individuals and it is critical that you choose a hearing aid best suited to your needs…and not those of someone else’s type of hearing loss. Since every individual had different needs based upon their personal hearing loss, a professional Audiologist can determine if a hearing aid is needed and if so how much hearing can be improved. Anyone can go “online” today and purchase hearing aids…but it has been proven over and over again, that working with a professional can save both time and money and ensure that you get a hearing aid that will meet your individual needs, is properly fitted, and that can also be correctly maintained.

Hearing & Ear Care

Common Complaints Associated with Hearing Loss:

  • Trouble hearing others in meetings, restaurants, at work or church
  • Frustration in understanding what a grandchild says to you
  • Trouble hearing your doctor during an exam
  • Difficulty hearing the television
  • Have to ask others to “repeat” themselves
  • Family & friends get annoyed because you misunderstand or make inappropriate responses
  • Dizziness & ringing in the ears
  • Child with frequent and persistent ear infections
  • You or family members can’t understand your child’s speech

Treatments and Solutions for Hearing Loss:

  1. Hearing Aids: BTE (behind the ear), ITE (in the ear) & CIC (completely in the canal)
  2. Improved Communication Techniques:
    • Ask people to speak slower, clearer, and slightly louder.
    • Avoid conversations across rooms.
    • Choose environments with “quieter” background noise.
    • Face people…and ask them to face you when speaking.
    • Rephrase the speaker’s message to ensure understanding and an appropriate response.
    • Explain to people how they can communicate more effectively with you. For example say: “It would really help me a lot if you would speak slower so that I can understand what you’re saying.”
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